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The questions on this test are 60 short gap-filling dialogs which you need to complete in 45 minutes. You must use ONE WORD only to fill in each blank. Contractions (isn't, don't, can't, etc.) count as one word only. If you do not know the answer to a question, you may skip it. There's no penalty for mistakes or unanswered questions.

1. A: did you finish college?
B: Five years ago.
2. A: How old is she?
B: She 35 years old.
3. A: When's your birthday?
B: December.
4. A: you work for a large firm?
B: No. I run my own business.
5. A: your boss speak English?
B: Yes, he does.
6. A: Are any expats in your company?
B: Yes, four.
7. A: What do we have for dinner?
B: Chicken, but we don't have rice.
8. A: Are your kids TV now?
B: No, they're studying.
9. A: Do you like Madonna?
B: No, I don't like much.
10. A: Are these your keys?
B: Yes, they're
11. A: What's his hometown?
B: I think he born in Arequipa.
12. A: How was your vacation?
B: Wonderful! I a great time.
13. A: How does it take you to get to work?
B: About 15 minutes by car.
14. A: you like something to drink?
B: Yes. A glass of water, please.
15. A: Is Lucia an interpreter?
B: Yes. She speak five languages.
16. A: I didn't see you at the office yesterday.
B: Yeah. I called in sick I had indigestion.
17. A: How people work under you?
B: Fifteen.
18. A: Any plans for the weekend?
B: Yes. I'm to take my kids to the movies.
19. A: Did you email Jack?
B: Oh, no. I forgot. I email him right now.
20. A: I have a terrible toothache.
B: I think you see a dentist.
21. A: How long have you been with your current employer?
B: six years now.
22. A: I can't understand this question.
B: Try again. It's not as difficult you think.
23. A: What was she like?
B: She was enthusiastic than I thought.
24. A: You look very confident.
B: Yeah. If I get promoted, I get a higher salary.
25. A: My husband is too fat.
B: Yes. I know. If he less, he would soon lose weight.
26. A: Mike is a good worker that he's going to get a job soon.
B: Yes, he is very professional.
27. A: Can I help you with your luggage?
B: Oh, thank you. It's just heavy for me to carry.
28. A: Do you think I'll be to put the furniture together?
B: Provided you follow the instructions, I'm sure you will.
29. A: I can't find Rachel. Have you seen her?
B: No. She be in the restrooms.
30. A: Can you come to the office this Saturday?
B: I'm afraid not. I to take my daughter to the dentist.
31. A: Do you have any pets?
B: Not now, but as a child I to have a dog.
32. A: Who discovered America?
B: It discovered by Christopher Columbus.
33. A: The accident wouldn't have happened if I'd been more careful.
B: You mustn't blame . It wasn't your fault.
34. A: Did you hear that?
B: No, I didn't catch exactly they said.
35. A: I really love my job.
B: do I.
36. A: Do Peruvians like soccer?
B: Yes. It's the popular sport in Peru.
37. A: He's never been to Japan before, he?
B: I don't think so.
38. A: Have you anything to drink today?
B: Nothing. And I'm thirsty.
39. A: Have you been to Canada?
B: Yes. Last year.
40. A: Excuse me, ma'am. you tell me the time, please?
B: Sure. It's a quarter to three.
41. A: Is your sister home yet?
B: She be! I heard her come in ten minutes ago.
42. A: When did their boss arrive?
B: He arrived while they watching the game.
43. A: Who stayed in the house?
B: . Everybody had gone out.
44. A: Would you turning off the air conditioning?
B: Not at all. Where's the switch?
45. A: Are you still having trouble with your mobile?
B: No, I it repaired last week.
46. A: Mr. Brown, why has your company been so slow to act?
B: If we known about the problem earlier, we would have acted sooner.
47. A: Could I borrow your car, please?
B: All right, as as you promise to drive carefully.
48. A: The professor is very angry about the mistakes we've been making.
B: Right, we'd not make any more.
49. A: I'm worried. They're not here yet.
B: Something have happened.
50. A: I hope the things I bought on Amazon arrive on time.
B: You really have ordered them a few more days in advance.
51. A: Do you want a cigarette?
B: No, thanks. I gave smoking three months ago.
52. A: What was wrong with Carol yesterday?
B: Oh, she said that she had some bad news the previous day.
53. A: Are you excited about your trip?
B: Yes. At this time tomorrow, I'll lying on a Caribbean beach.
54. A: Did you start this job as soon as you graduated?
B: Yes. By July, I have been working here for three years.
55. A: Why was George in such a mess?
B: He had fixing his car.
56. A: Why was the manager so angry with us?
B: It was because we come late for the meeting.
57. A: Can your accountant use SAP?
B: Yes, very well. He's using it for several years now.
58. A: I'm planning to drive from LA to San Diego.
B: Well, get a GPS in you get lost.
59. A: I wish I speak perfect English!
B: To tell you the truth, most native speakers can't do that!
60. A: How are you finding your new neighborhood?
B: I'm getting to it.

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